Self-Coaching Tools

These wonderful verbal tools can be done in the Privacy of oneself or can be shared with others anytime, anywhere and in 15 min. or less. I would be honored to show you how to enjoy and explore them. Please, see my “Services Offered” for more detail.

“The Brain Walk® “A Journey for Peace of Mind”

  1. Eliminate the emotions around challenges in your life so that you can think clearly and find ease in finding solutions
  2. This tool allows you to become instantly creative by turning the “negatives” in your life into ”positives” and
  3. Built into this tool is a process which invites you to focus on your personal strengths and make them even stronger.

“The Brain Walk®

“Value Amplification”

The main objective of this tool is to celebrate a value in which you already have great competency! Sometimes we don’t take enough time in the day to give gratitude for those characteristics we like about ourselves.

“The Brain Walk® “Your Morning Stroll”

This tool works to identify the unconstructive thoughts, words and actions which no longer serve us…ones which we could change in order to tap into your own genius and have a more peaceful, creative and joyful life.

“Noble Life”

48 card games for a peaceful life. They are used by: Children, Teens, Parents, all adults. Executives, Professionals, Athletes.

“PCMK™ LASER” (one of my favourites)

For those quick informal coaching moments.  There are 6 coaching methodologies 3 for goal setting and 3 for problem solving.  They can be done in a 15 to 20 min. window.  Let’s release the negatives and promote the positive to enrich your day. These can be used anywhere, anytime, for peers, family members, friends and yourself.  The booklet is 3” x 3” so can be taken anywhere with you.

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