The Science of Mind Kinetics

Understanding the Science of the brain’s ‘thinking cells’

Think about something that is stressing or challenging you at this very moment in time. Now, think about how this stress or challenge may be affecting your brain and body, and your overall health and wellness.

Did you know that for every challenge we face, we have ‘thinking cells’ in charge of looking after that challenge?

These thinking cells are fed with glucose and oxygen, which are carried to the cells via blood vessels. On the blood vessel walls there are receptors. In 1973, neuroscientists Candace Pert and Solomon H. Snyder published the first detailed binding study classifying these as opioid receptors. It would eventually be proven that these receptors affect how our bodies control emotional and physical pain, immune responses, and other body functions, such as reactions to stress.

The Mind

If we are challenged by something, and can’t come up with an innovative solution to the challenge, then that means the glucose and oxygen is having a hard time nourishing those thinking cells.

What we understand from Pert’s discovery is that somewhere, somehow, those receptors constricted due to some negative emotional event, hence stopping the nourishment. Therefore, we keep repeating the same negative pattern over and over.

Pert goes on to say, “By learning to bring your awareness to past experiences and conditioning – the memories stored in the very receptors of your cells – you can release yourself from these blocks, this ‘stuck-ness’.”

The Movement

Kinetics means ‘movement’ and is a branch of science that deals with changes in a physical or chemical system. The Science of Mind Kinetics® developed by CLI is used to determine the root cause or reasons for the mind receptors closing in the first place.

The emotions associated with trauma, denial or repression, once identified and then released, signal the receptors to allow the nourishment to reach the thinking cells again. With the thinking cells receiving nourishment, we begin to think more clearly on the issue.

What you will notice when you work with PCMK® is that your perception about your issue will change first, then your behaviour and habits. Your unconstructive thoughts, words and actions will turn into positive action (kinetics) for positive personal transformation. It is truly remarkable work!

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