What is Power Coaching with Mind Kinetics (PCMK)?

Changing Behaviours and Perceptions to Bring Your Happiness to Life

Think of Dimensions’ Power Coaching® With Mind Kinetics® (PCMK®) as a sports coach, who guides you onto the winner’s podium. The difference is that Janice is a life coach who is trained to guide individuals and groups to win by achieving more prosperity, greater health and happiness in their lives.

PCMK® or Power Coaching® is the process of putting your mind into motion, to give you the ability to use both sides of your brain in effective problem solving.

Power Coaching with Mind Kinetics® is unique. It assists people like you to dramatically improve their performance at home, school or work. The methodologies never fail to help individuals achieve positive results. These tools and processes help you to quickly determine the root causes of an inability to be productive and balanced in your life and, more importantly, create a physiological shift in the brain.

Science has proven that habits and behaviours will only change if there is a physiological and biological shift in the brain. (See ‘Understanding the Science of Mind Kinetics’.)

These award-winning coaching techniques were based on solid scientific research, and developed by Coaching and Leadership International (CLI). The techniques are then licensed for use to coaches – like Janice – who have achieved certification by completing more than 500 hours of extensive and rigorous training and exams.

PCMK® can help you understand why you do the things you do and how you can make a positive choice to change, helping you move onward and upward.

How does PCMK® work?

PCMK® gets to the root cause of your challenge and when the negative pattern or behaviour began. These tools are based on the science that supports the idea that habits and behaviours will only change if there is a physiological and biological shift in the ‘thinking’ cells of our body. Thinking cells that have been ‘starved’ due to trauma or repression are finally nourished. Perceptions change first, then habits and behaviours, resulting in faster positive change for the client.

PCMK® can help you understand why you do certain things and how you can make the positive choice to change.

Learn more about the Science of Mind Kinetics.

Please contact Janice at email: InstantResultsIntl@shaw.ca

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