“Janice is a very professional and very loving person! I highly recommend her services and she immediately feels like family when you connect with her. She takes a very unique approach at coaching and counseling children. Love her and her work!”

  • Victoria Lee – Parent to Jayden Sandersen, Age 10

“My mother’s work reflects who she is. She is the kindest most positive person that you will meet. This is built in genetically but encouraged over years of education and growth”.

  • Tiffany Bernhard – Daughter Age 29, Was member of Valley Youth Group

“I have had the wonderful privilege of having Janice as my life coach. She was able to help me heal myself through coaching. Each session was peaceful, calming, healing and productive. Janice has a glow about her, she is radiant and always has a positive and compassionate outlook even with difficult situations. She guided me to look further inside myself to find the tools deep down that I always had. I still continue to use my Value Cards for daily guidance. Janice is one of the kindest people I have ever met and continues to be a role model for me.”

  • Kristi Clarke – Age 17

“I have experienced both counseling and “Power Coaching” and have found that for myself “Power Coaching” is the way to go. While in a counselling session I would find the same challenges always arising. In a “Power Coaching” session I would find the answers from inside of me. Finding my answers for me was so self-gratifying that I now have the confidence to overcome anything that life throws my way. The “Brain Walk” Journey for Peace is the perfect technique to release everyday tensions and find your own solutions to all of life’s challenges whether they are big or small. I would recommend “Power Coaching” for all.”

  • Kiesha Macdonald – Age 18, VYPA member

“I think “Journey for Peace of Mind” makes kids and people feel good because they get to express their feelings. To me it was great I really got to get everything I had “Stuck” in my brain out.”

  • Mykaild Gilchrist – Age 8, VYPA member

“Power Coaching” has made a big effect on my life for the following reasons: It made me feel better about myself, and it helped me concentrate more on my school work. Power Coaching allows me to find my own answers to my own questions which enables me to feel smarter. Power Coaching is a great thing!”

  • Chelsea Pasanen – Age 12, VYPA member

“In the past I attended numerous counseling sessions with the result being my problems would soon surface. I found they would help you find the problem, allow you to express your emotions, and help devise a solution. However, then you were on your own. I got into a cycle where I couldn’t help myself. When I no longer had someone else’s answers, I couldn’t find my own. With a little patience and self-nurturing along with support of my mentor, Janice Bernhard, I was able to push past my fears and embrace the tremendous results that blossomed from self-coaching.”

  • Tia Macdonald – Age 18

“Jan is an absolute ray of sunshine. Her love, compassion and non-judgement hold a space all their own. When you are in her nurturing presence this energy blankets you with a warm embrace welcoming you to her environment while also inviting you into her heart centre.”

  • Tia Longson – Age 35

“It makes me feel all happy inside.”

  • Brandon Hall – Age 6

“Jan, as a Senior Mind-Kinetics® Coach, is a star in the coaching world. In her early years learning coaching skills, it was clear that her passion for helping others was above and beyond the average Coach. I often tell the story of how Jan coached a teenage girl to safety to get out of a violent gang. Now that is great coaching! Jan’s work is exemplary as whole families become healthier and happier and business leaders achieve balanced success. Thank you Jan for all that you do for the world.”

  • Betska K-Burr, Co-President, Coaching and Leadership International Inc.

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